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5pcs Disposable Tattoo Tips 5 Flat Tip(5FT) Blue

  • 5pcs Disposable Tattoo Tips 5 Flat Tip(5FT) Blue
  • 5pcs Disposable Tattoo Tips 5 Flat Tip(5FT) Blue
  • 5pcs Disposable Tattoo Tips 5 Flat Tip(5FT) Blue
  • 5pcs Disposable Tattoo Tips 5 Flat Tip(5FT) Blue
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Model 5FT
Validity 3 Years

Package Includes

  • 1 x 5pcs Disposable Tattoo Tips 5 Flat Tip(5FT) Blue

Cautions in Tattoo

  • Please confirm the instruments and supplies from tattoo shop are sterilized.The tattoo artist should wear disposable gloves.It is advisable to use the needles and machines made of stainless steel
  • Please notice the quality of tattoo pigments.Liquid plant pigment soaked with alcohol are used in modern tattooing instead of dye and ink, because it is extracted from natural plants and can reduce infections after penetration
  • Self - protect: Epinephrine can be used to clean skin and stop bleeding in the tattooing process.To reduce infection and skin fester after tattooing, you have to clean the skin with warm water and keep it dry for one week
  • Don't use animal blood or vermilion to tattoo, and pigeon blood mixed with vermilion may endanger your life
  • Don't use alcohol or gentian violet liquid to handle the wound (Alcohol will irritate the wound and gentian violet liquid will ruin the tattoo image)
  • Special tattoo cream or medical Vaseline should be applied after tattooing.Clean the cream and blood with warm water after 2 or 3 hours, and then dry it with absorbent cotton or special towel.No other medicines needed later
  • Itching, scabbing and peeling is normal after the following days.Please don't scrape the wound to avoid infection and color fading.Soft and loose underwear is better
  • Don't go to saunas or swimming pool during the aftercare time
  • Please consult your artist or see the doctor promptly if the symptoms appear, such as high fever, slow healing wound, ulceration and purulence and so on
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